Kyun! AnimeĀ is a brand new anime blog which will bring you information regarding new anime, including reviews, upcoming anime expectations, first impressions, and more. Since we’re still new, we don’t have a lot of posts yet, but we promise to deliver!

Sagiri Izumi Eromanga Sensei

About Kyun! Anime’s author:

Currently the only writer for Kyun! Anime is me, Jessica.

I’ve watched anime since I was small, and I always loved it. I want to share this love of anime with everyone! I enjoy Japanese media of many types besides anime as well, such as manga, light novels, video games, and more!

My first anime was Samurai Pizza Cats, when I was only two years old. I currently don’t have one favorite anime, but I tend to love moe comedy, as well as unique or otherwise interesting titles. The most appealing feature to me in an anime is a line-up of uniquely designed characters.

My favorite light novel series is Eromanga-Sensei. I tend to enjoy light novels a lot more than anime, but since it takes longer to get through it, I’m more likely to watch the entire anime instead of reading the entire light novel series.

If you have any tips or suggestions for this blog, I would be extremely happy to hear it! Feel free to contact me if you have feedback.