Fire Emblem Heroes Stamina Update Incoming

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Fire Emblem Heroes is a mobile tactical game based on Intelligent System’s franchise. The app combines the basic turn-based game play of the Fire Emblem series with a few changes. The main goal was to introduce a simple mobile game that is easy to get into, regardless of ones experience with the normal video games. 


Thus fans ended up with a gacha-based Android and iOS game that allows players to acquire characters using a currency called orbs. These orbs can be purchased through the game, but can also be acquired through normal game play. 


Players are then able to spend 20 of these orbs to summon 5 heroes; characters from Fire Emblem games. They range from different rarities with five stars being the highest and most powerful. 


The various quantities of orbs available for purchase.

Aside from this, the game is similar to normal tactical fighting games, with characters having levels which increase as they gain experience. Although the game is ultimately free to play, there is a 50 point stamina system in place, which regenerates with time. 


Therefore play time is limited and one cannot play endlessly throughout the day. Although stamina can be restored through the use of orbs or in game items called stamina potions, these items are limited. It’s quite easy to run through them pretty quick during training sessions.


This brings us to the news: recently the developers announced an upcoming addition to the game. This increases the amount of stamina available in the game up to 99 points, which creates more playtime. There are also going to be increasing experience gains for lower-rarity characters which makes grinding (leveling them up) a whole lot easier.



Japanese Twitter confirming the stamina update.

This news isn’t just great because of the new features, it’s a clear sign that the development team is listening to the fanbase. The stamina issue was a feature that many players had problems with and thus they voiced their complaints. Likewise, leveling up weaker units was always a pain due to their lower power levels. 


Thus this update has succeeded in making the game more free-to-play friendly and has increased Nintendo and Intelligent Systems reputation when it comes to their consumers. The gaming community is used to companies catering mostly to those who pay for their content, so this new-age design is refreshing.


In the future, I believe we will continue to see updates that improve the app and hopefully close the gap between players who spend large amounts of money and those who aren’t able to. 


What do you think about this news, and do you play Fire Emblem Heroes? Do you like Nintendo’s responsive business model, or do you prefer companies to make decisions regardless of their community’s opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

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