Anime Expectations: ID-0

Maya Mikuri is a student I-Machine operator at Alliance Academy. I-Machines are robots which are used to do work in extreme environments. While Maya is operating an I-Machine, she gets into trouble when pirates arrive on the scene. However, the only thing that happens to her is that she becomes a part of a crew on an excavation company’s spaceship.

ID-0 is an original anime, meaning that there was no initial franchise before its anime series was announced. Studio Sanzigen will be animating the TV series which is slated for broadcast beginning April 9, 2017. As an upcoming mecha anime, ID-0 will be directed by Goro Taniguchi and Yosuke Kuroda will be writing the series composition.

ID-0 PV Screenshot Anime

Since there is no source material to look at, we’ll hop straight into detail about the people working on the anime. Director Goro Taniguchi has a lot of experience with mecha and science fiction anime. His most recent director work was on the 2016 anime Active Raid, which contains elements from mecha, action, and science fiction genres. His most notable work is Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, which won several awards and was also an anime with mecha elements.

The writer, Yosuke Kuroda, also has a lot of previous experience with series composition. In fact, Yosuke Kuroda has worked together with Goro Taniguchi on previous anime projects, such as Infinite Ryvius and S-CRY-ed, both of which are mecha anime, and the latter of which was also written by Kuroda as a manga. The most well-known anime for which Kuroda wrote the series composition was Trigun. In 2003, Yosuke Kuroda won an award for Best Individual Achievement at the 8th Animation Kobe.

I personally really dislike the CG animation style displayed in ID-0‘s promotional video. While it’s well-animated as far as CG goes in anime, it’s still not as attractive as it could have been had the animators cell-shaded it properly and made it 2D. It’s somewhat of a let-down, after seeing all the accomplishments of the people working on it at studio Sanzigen.

Despite all of the great achievements the director and writer experienced, the lack of quality in animation really bothers me. Since it seems like it will look this way through the entire anime, it would pester me internally the whole time. For me, it would take a very interesting story to make up for this, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, either. From what little details we have regarding the plot, the story seems to rely on a science fiction setting and most likely action or drama of some sort to keep its audience entertained. There really isn’t anything to be excited about in terms of a unique idea, or if there is, the creators are doing a good job of keeping it a secret.

Your Opinion

How do you feel about ID-0? Are you planning to watch it for Spring 2017? Are you familiar with the people working on it? Answer below in the comments, and check out the anime’s official website.

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