Anime Expectations: Warau Salesman NEW

Moguro Fukuzou is no ordinary salesman; he deals in souls, and doesn’t charge a dime. He can see through a normal person to understand what it is they want, and makes customers of desperate people when they are most vulnerable. After the deal is made, there’s no turning back, but is it ever truly what the customer wanted?

The Laughing Salesman, also known as Warau Salesman, was a manga which began publication in 1968. It was written by Fujiko Fujio A, and received its first anime adaption in October 1989. The episodes were short at only 10 minutes long, and there were 103 episodes altogether. The new anime adaption, Warau Salesman NEW, is slated to broastcast April 3, 2017.

The Laughing Salesman is a dark comedy title which deals with psychological and dramatic themes. It’s aimed at a seinen (adult male) audience. The anime Warau Salesman NEW will be animated by studio Shin-Ei Animation, directed Hirofumi Ogura, and the writing will be handled by a team of three people: Naohiro Fukushima, Asami Ishikawa, and Midori Natsu.

When I looked up the manga from 1968, I couldn’t find any translations. “No problem,” I thought. “It’ll just be a bit of extra work to read it in Japanese.” So I took a look at the first page…

Warau Salesman Manga Page 1

Nope.” This wasn’t happening. I’m sorry, Fujiko Fujio A, the deceased manga writer. I was born into a completely different era of anime. Even though I thought that, I didn’t know what else I’d write about if I couldn’t read the source material, so I looked on Wikipedia and found that there was already an anime from 1989. I watched the first episode of that.

Warau Salesman Original Anime Old Screenshot

Honestly, it wasn’t horrible. I mean, considering the age of the source manga, they didn’t do a bad job portraying a dark comedy. At first, I thought that such an old title might be trying to make a comeback similar to what Osomatsu-san did. However, I don’t think this will be the case with Warau Salesman NEW. I think they have a pretty good basis to start with; they just need to make it more appealing to modern audiences. It could end up going over well.

The director of the new anime, Hirofumi Ogura, directed a few different titles before, such as The Knight in the Area, and Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman. The major job of note here is the second season of Black Butler, though, which was also dark in theme, much like Warau Salesman NEW will be. It shows that Ogura has experience in directing anime with a similar theme.

Naohiro Fukushima is completely new to writing series composition for anime. The only anime she has written series composition for was called Santa Company, a Christmas-themed title from 2014. Asami Ishikawa is also new, having written the script for a few episodes of Shiki only. Midori Natsu is a manga writer who has several different titles published, including PuiPui! and Lemon☆Aid. She has never worked on an anime’s script before Warau Salesman NEW.

Watching the above TV spot is a little concerning as well. While the animation style has certainly been improved, the art style is very similar to the old. Without a modern look, I feel that this title will lose out on many fans who would have otherwise enjoyed watching it.

Overall, I really feel like Warau Salesman NEW is a really experimental title. There are many risky factors to take in, such as its old age as a manga and the writers’ extreme lack of experience for the most part. Like I said, I enjoyed watching the old anime. I think that the new anime has a chance to succeed. I won’t say it’s a big chance, but it certainly has something.

Your Opinion

What do you think of Warau Salesman NEW? Are you planning to watch it? What part of it got you interested? Comment below on Kyun! Anime.

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