Anime Expectations: Renai Boukun

An angel named Guri likes to make boy couples with her divine item known as a Kiss Note. When a couple’s names are written in a Kiss Note, they must kiss, or else Guri will die. While Guri was trying to make two male voice actors kiss for her fantasies, she accidentally wrote one of the names wrong, and so now the high school boy Aino Seiji must kiss whomever she decides to write in the Kiss Note next to his name, or Guri will face death.

Renai Boukun is also known in English by the title The Very Lovely Tyrant of Love. It began as a manga series written by Megane Mihoshi, which started in the year 2012 and is currently ongoing at 7 volumes. The anime is being animated by studio EMT Squared and is scheduled to begin airing April 6, 2017.

The title is a comedy of the harem and ecchi categories and also exhibits elements of romance and the supernatural. The title is aimed at a male demographic.

The anime will be directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa and written by Natsuko Takahashi. Nigorikawa has previously directed Anime de Training! Ex and its sequel, and worked on several other anime titles with varying other jobs, while Takahashi has plenty of experience with writing series composition and scripts for numerous anime, including My Love Story!!, Brothers Conflict, and Yuyushiki.

Nigorikawa does not have a lot of experience as an anime director, while Takahashi has plenty of experience as an anime writer. However, Takahashi has little experience with ecchi/harem titles while Nigorikawa at least has some experience in directing anime with fanservice.

After reading the first chapter of the manga, I was able to tell that Renai Boukun is going to be a very silly ride. I also felt that there was more emphasis on the comedy than there was on ecchi elements. I thought it was very funny, and there wasn’t much fanservice at all to distract from the story. Although, I don’t think fanservice would take away from this type of wacky story either way.

In addition to comedy and fanservice, the series also contains a yandere theme. To avoid spoilers in the first episode, I won’t say who the yandere character is, but I’m sure you could figure it out if you think hard enough about what the funniest predicament could be. Also, if you watch the PV you will see who it is anyway.

Myself, I am probably in the minority in that I’m not a fan of yandere characters, so that aspect of the manga took away a little from me. Regardless, I think this is going to be an amusing anime and I’m looking forward to watching it when it begins airing in April!

Check out the Renai Boukun anime’s official website for more details (in Japanese)!

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