Anime Expectations: Clockwork Planet

Clockwork Planet began as a light novel series, and is currently still in the works with four volumes already released in Japan. It was written by Yuu Kamiya and Tsubaki Himana, with illustrations by Shino. The light novel series began publishing on April 2, 2013, and has had an ongoing manga adaption since 2013. Both the light novel series as well as the manga series are published by Kodansha. The anime adaption will begin airing on April 6, 2017 and is animated by studio Xebec. The genres are drama, fantasy, sci-fi, and romance.

This story takes place in a timeline where Earth has long since died and been reconstructed from machinery. The creator of this system goes by the name of Y, and has complete control of the gravity, wind, weather, and temperature of the planet through its gears. At first, the system saves humanity who had been expecting to pass away on the dead planet, but when Naoto Miura, a high school boy who loves tinkering with clockwork and machines, meets a curious Automata named RyuZU, the system is overrun by a terrorist who threatens to freeze the population, starting with Akihabara.

Light novels are seldom licensed and released outside of Japan before there is an anime adaption, and Clockwork Planet is no exception. However, thanks to Baka-Tsuki‘s light novel translation, it is currently possible to read in English. Remember, if you use fan translations, please make sure to buy the light novel if it becomes available in your country.

I began to read the first volume of Clockwork Planet in order to get a gist of the story, so that I have something to go by to write this post. However, I was so drawn into the plot that I lost hours to this light novel and couldn’t stop reading. It’s very intriguing with well-built characters who have unique personalities. It’s also quite suspenseful and garners interest right from the get-go with a slice of action from the middle of the story. I feel that this has the potential to be a very impressive anime, and I’m glad that this story is getting one.

The anime is being animated by studio Xebec, whose older works include Love Hina, DNAngel, and Shaman King. Newer works by Xebec include the To Love-Ru series, Pandora Hearts, and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, with their newest series being Keijo!!!!!!!! and BanG Dream!. Xebec has had some gorgeous animation in the past few years, and they are certainly capable of showing us a pretty picture.

The director, Tsuyoshi Nagasawa, previously directed Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, MM!, and Kyo no Go no Ni. While all three of those titles are comedies, Clockwork Planet is not, and thus this will be an entirely new area for Nagasawa, so it’s hard to say how it will come out. I did enjoy his previous works, though.

The promotional video introduces the main characters, all in situations seen either in the prologue or first chapter of the light novel.

According to the official Japanese website for Clockwork Planet, the opening theme is to be performed by fripSide while the ending theme is to be performed by After the Rain.


What are you expecting from this upcoming spring anime? Are you planning to watch it? Have you read the light novel? Answer in the comments what you think!

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