Anime Expectations: Anonymous Noise

Anonymous Noise, known as Fukumenkei Noise in Japanese, began as a shoujo manga with music and romance themes. The manga, written and illustrated by Ryoko Fukuyama, first became serialized on April 20, 2013, and is still currently ongoing. In Japan, Anonymous Noise is published by Hakusensha, while Viz Media publishes the English release in North America. There are eleven volumes out in Japan so far, while the West will receive the release of the first volume on March 17 of this year, shortly before the anime adaption begins airing in Japan on April 11 of this year. The anime is animated by studio Brain’s Base and the director is Hideya Takahashi.

This school romance is about a girl named Nino Arisugawa who loves to sing. She made a promise as a child with her first crush Momo and her friend Yuzu who composed songs that she would someday find her voice. The three were separated, but Nino continues to follow through with her promise, falling into the world of band clubs in high school.

There are some fan translations for the manga around on the Internet, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be taken down soon since the manga’s been licensed for English release. In any case, I was able to read the first volume of the manga to get a closer understanding of this title! If you read a fan translation, make sure you support the creators by buying the English release when it comes out!

Anonymous Noise is a very dramatic love triangle. The protagonist, Nino, has feelings for her childhood friend Momo, while her other childhood friend, Yuzu, has feelings for her. On top of this, Nino is caught up in the light music club in her school, whose vocalist keeps threatening to leave, and whose other members want Nino to sing for their band. Meanwhile, Nino struggles to find Momo by using her voice.

It’s a very typical shoujo manga story. I would not recommend this title to fans of moe comedy or action. This series is clearly targeted towards fan of the romance genre. People who enjoy watching complicated relationships in anime would enjoy Anonymous Noise.

The anime is animated by Brain’s Base, a company with a large number of shoujo titles. The director, Hideya Takahashi, has never directed a shoujo anime before. I feel somewhat worried about this fact, but at the same time, I feel like Brain’s Base would know what they are doing, after having animated so many other shoujo anime. Takahashi has worked on mostly on ecchi titles, including his director job for Keijo!!!!!!!!. It’ll be pretty intense to see how the anime for Anonymous Noise turns out, but I can’t help but feel worried about the end result.

However it turns out, Anonymous Noise will be airing in Japan on April 11, 2017, and will probably be one of the star shoujo titles of the season.

Check out the official Japanese website here.

Will you be watching Anonymous Noise? What’s your favorite shoujo anime? Answer in the comments!

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